On the road with Nicole Lavergne-Smith

Nicole Lavergne-Smith, also known as the Fureteuse fransaskoise (French content), has travelled thousands of kilometres on the roads of Saskatchewan. 

Nicole Lavergne-Smith, Fureteuse fransaskoise

Nicole Lavergne-Smith, Fureteuse fransaskoise

This social media enthusiast and digital reporter has her own way of doing things, posting local human-interest stories alongside fun videos and clashing series. In February, she captured the attention of many online fans by launching her Great Hamburger Hunt (French content) across arenas throughout Saskatchewan.  

What do you pack in your bag before hitting the road? I make sure I have all my equipment: camera, batteries, phone, etc. I generally travel pretty light. Water is a must, it’s amazing how thirsty you get on a shoot, especially when eating hamburgers! I also now ALWAYS bring my glasses. I wear contacts and one day was filming on top of a windy hill and one of my contacts flew away. I had to drive home, with only one eye working properly, so glasses are key!

What area of Saskatchewan surprised you the most? No specific area has been a shock because I grew up here. Saskatchewan people are interesting no matter where they are from.

How does having online fans affect the way that you work? It’s a game changer, as we all know. There is no doubt, Radio-Canada in Saskatchewan is building its audience because of it. People who didn’t know we existed are now following what we do. I see part of my role as an audience builder, generating exposure for the amazing work my colleagues do. They may be lured in by a rink burger, but it’s awesome how soon some of them are sharing our other content.

Which story have you enjoyed reporting on the most? They have all been fun and enriching in different ways. I have driven through bush to find the house of an old French aristocrat, talked in depth with a couple that had a roller coaster of a life, danced ridiculously in front of the Welcome to Regina sign, and trudged through kilometres of burned out forest. I am often pinching myself and wonder how I got so lucky to have these amazing opportunities.

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