Updates to our terms of use

Today, we published an update to our terms of use and wanted to let you know what it means for you, our audience.

As our digital platforms evolve, our terms of use – the rules you agree to follow if you use our services and our contract with you – need to be modernized as well. In this update, we’ve amended section 6, or how we use your personal information.

We use your information to personalize and improve your digital experiences with us. Audience data helps us make more informed decisions and to better serve our audiences.

Sharing your data helps us build better digital products

More and more, Canadians connect with us online through one of our digital products; apps and websites, primarily. Sharing your data with us also helps us to improve our digital services on the whole, which ultimately leads to a better experience for you. We now collect anonymous user data that helps us measure how our platforms are performing and tells us where to make improvements.

How we use your personal information

We also collect and use your personal information in a number of different ways. When you sign in to our platforms, we are able to offer you things like newsletters and commenting. In the future, we hope to offer improved search functions and recommendations of other content you might be interested in. We also use your IP address or mobile device’s geographic location to send you regional alerts, or show you local news, weather and sports content.  

In some cases, we also work with third-party providers that help with web analytics or that deliver ads accompanying our content. When we do, we enforce contracts that require your IP address be depersonalized, so your information can’t be shared in a way that identifies you. Your data is yours to own, and it’s important to us that you understand how we use it, and the safeguards we put in place to protect it.

Protecting your personal information is a priority for us

With these changes, we continue to respect the requirements for collection of personal information as set out in the federal Privacy Act and by CBC/Radio-Canada’s Personal Information policy and Privacy Protection.

If you have questions, write to us here.

– Christopher Berry, Director, Product Intelligence

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