Sound off: What makes a good book?

With the Canada Reads shortlist unveiled, it’s time to cancel all of your weekend plans for the next few weeks (depending on how fast you can read). The theme this time around is, What is the one book Canadians need now?  That’s a pretty big question to tackle and the contenders sure have their work cut out for them as they get ready to battle it out for the title.

In honour of this, I asked some of Canada’s favourite book bloggers the million dollar question: What makes a good book?

Ashley Metzger: For me, character development is at the top of 46- Ashley Metzgermy must have list. I want the characters to feel real, as if I could meet them on the street. I want characters to have faults and vices, but be redeemable…I’m also a big fan of unique writing and narrative styles. I love when authors try to push the boundaries of their genres by utilizing the most important aspect of a book – the writing.

46-Giselle Book NerdGiselle, Book Nerd: It usually includes the usuals: perfectly paced plot, and engaging story-line and well developed characters. I think a great book has an outstanding emotional connection that pertains to me personally. It’s that book that makes me laugh or cry or both.


46-ArielAriel Bissett:  A good book is something that activates my imagination so I’m left at every moment of the day thinking “I wish I was reading that book right now.” It’s something that gives me characters that feel like real people, and something that gives me a perspective that I couldn’t have experienced myself.


46-LuanneLuanne Ollivier: Does it keep me up late, rapidly flipping pages to see what happens next? Do I become immersed in the story? Does it resonate with me long after the last page is turned? The ones that are the ‘best’ are those that affect me – make me cry, laugh, shake my fist, shake my head. Does it challenge my thinking and open my eyes?

If you’re looking for a book suggestions, Canada Reads is a great place to start. These stories explore the diverse perspectives that make Canada so unique. They also help us reflect on where we’re heading as a nation. It’s a very a timely theme as we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation this year. Happy reading Canada!

-Sarah Lue, Social Media Advisor, Enterprise Communications

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