A single identifier for all Radio-Canada platforms: ici

Radio-Canada announced a rebranding initiative that has sparked a lot of reactions.   Here’s some background on the initiative.


Radio-Canada is proud to officially announce that the term ici will feature more prominently than ever in designating the various platforms through which CBC/Radio-Canada French Services delivers news and entertainment content that enriches the cultural and democratic life of Canadians.

ici is a term closely associated with the history of Radio-Canada, which has been using the tagline “Ici Radio-Canada” since its radio service first went to air back in 1936. This word, which has also figured in the title of several TV and radio programs, faithfully reflects our identity and symbolizes the strong ties that unite the public broadcaster with Canadians. It also stands for a predominantly Canadian content offering on both its television network and across all platforms. It short, it conveys what sets Radio-Canada apart on the mediascape.

ici replaces the expression RADIO TÉLÉVISION INTERNET, which has been used in combination with the Radio-Canada logo since the integration of French Services. ici is not a substitute for the Corporation’s name, CBC/Radio-Canada, but will become a common denominator for our overall (ici Radio-Canada) or platform-specific (ici…) activities.

The rebranding and choice of the term ici are only the most visible components of a broader, more extensive transformation exercise aligned with the Every one, Every way corporate strategy. It aims to ensure that CBC/Radio-Canada’s French-language services are more innovative, more relevant, and more in touch with Canadians than ever. All of our departments and large numbers of our employees are already involved in another aspect of this process, known as “ReCreating Radio-Canada.”

“Radio-Canada’s future is closely tied to our ability to leverage the full range of platforms in a distinctive framework that powerfully conveys our culture and values,” said Louis Lalande, Executive Vice-President of French Services. “That’s the main thrust of the initiative we undertook a few months ago.”

Added Guylaine Bergeron, Executive Director, Communications and Branding: “The media industry is growing at an exponential rate, with digital platforms and specialty channels continuing to proliferate. It was therefore imperative that French Services adopt a strong, clear brand that reflects our mandate and the close connection we have with our audiences.”

Following are some examples of how the term ici will appear in our corporate identification: ici Radio-Canada, ici Télé, ici Première, ici.ca, ici RDI, ici ARTV, ici Explora, ici TOU.TV, ici Musique, ici.mu., ici Alberta, ici Québec.

[Video is only available in French]

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  1. meir weiss says:

    how many hours until the pq takes cbc ICI under its wing as the pq sovergntist [sp] media station?????????

    Pauline marois et al must be DROOLING

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