Ready to be inspired by these 4 community leaders?

What better city to explore this year’s Annual Public Meeting (APM) theme—Invite, Ignite, Inspire—than Winnipeg. A group of Manitoba’s finest will be gathering on Tuesday, September 29th for CBC/Radio-Canada’s Annual Public Meeting, an opportunity for public discussion, led by a panel of young people with a desire to make their community the best in Canada.

The APM will be the best opportunity to meet and learn from these four leaders, but before we get to the big day, here are some interesting facts about them.

4 things you need to know about this year’s panelists

1. In 2012 Erica Daniels received the City of Winnipeg Youth Role Model award for arts. In 2013 she was given the Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award in Visual Arts. She recently completed her first documentary about Indigenous youth finding their culture.

2. Trèsor Namwira first came to Canada in 2011 and founded a music company the very same year. He uses his music to bring together the French community in his area while raising money for aid in Africa. Did I mention that he’s only 25 years old?

3. Jamil Mahmood has worked in Pakistan, Ecuador and has dedicated the last 10 years to working at Spence Neighbourhood Association, a community organization in Winnipeg focused on revitalizing and renewing the Spence area in Manitoba.

4. After graduating from Red River College, Janelle Wookey immersed herself in the world of video production. In partnership with her brother, Janelle started a production company that mainly produces documentaries for French-language broadcasters that explore the Metis identity and her generation’s cultural revival.

These combined experiences will make September 29th a truly unique experience. With the day quickly approaching and seats filling up, it’s best to reserve your spot soon by registering with us at For more information you can also visit our website  and join in the discussion by using #CBCcommunity.

-Shayla Kelly, Communications Specialist, Social Media

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Polaris Music Gala – Photos from Lenny Wu

Canadian pop culture blogger, Lenny Wu,  made the journey from Ottawa to cover the event. Here’s a selection of some of his favourite moments from the evening.

For more photos from the night, you can view his collection on Flickr  or visit CBC Music.

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Tips on to know How to Be An Artist from the National Gallery of Canada’s Katja Canini

Katja CaniniI was thrilled when I first learnt about the National Gallery’s So You Want to Be an Artist contest. I thought that this is definitely something that CBC/Radio-Canada should partner with. This contest encourages young artists from across the country and gives them an opportunity to be part of a national arts community while sharing their artwork. I managed to catch up with Katja Canini who is an Education Officer with the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) and asked her what her tips are on how to be an artist.

  1. What is the recipe for becoming a well-known artist?

If there was one, I would share it. I think it’s different for everybody and it’s like anything; to be successful, it takes a lot of work. You have to make the effort to show people your art work and talk about it. And of course create, create, create.

  1. To be a successful artist, do you have to go to University?

I would say it’s important to surround yourself with opportunities to talk about and look at art.  Universities are great because that environment is built for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create that type of community yourself.

  1. And what about the social media platform. Do they help or hurt?

Social media allows people who live outside of cultural centers access to art communities, and art thinkers. Content created and shared on social media by art galleries is a great resource for emergent artists. Art galleries are after all buildings with fixed locations. Social media allows us to share artist lectures across the country so that Canadians that can’t come to an event still have access to the knowledge that was shared.

  1. Can you share some advice for young artists?  
  • Put yourself in an environment where you are looking at a lot of art and where you have the opportunity to talk about it.
  • Meet and show people your art and be capable of explaining your work and the reason you are doing it.
  • Consider people’s feedback. Comments, questions it’s all part of a discussion. It’s always worth the time to consider other opinions. But of course – stay true to yourself, just because a suggestion is made it doesn’t have to be acted on!
  • Persevere, it has to be something you really want, something you are committed to.

Young artists have until October 5th to submit their artwork to the So you want to be an artist contest.

The finalists’ artworks will be displayed in the Artissimo Gallery at the NGC and the first-place winner will receive a trip to Ottawa, an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Gallery, a portfolio review by an NGC curator and a gift certificate for art supplies.

– Marie-Eve Desaulniers, Public Relations Manager, Brand, Communications and Corporate Affairs

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How to Prepare for The Quietest. Concert. Ever.

serena-ryderWhat better way to end the summer than by rocking out to the sounds of Serena Ryder on the ocean floor at Fundy National Park? The Government of Canada has teamed up with, Serena Ryder and Sennheiser for the Quietest. Concert. Ever.

This is not your typical concert! It’s actually called the Quietest. Concert. Ever. because the concert is transmitted directly to each fan through Sennheiser’s wireless headphone technology.

For those planning on attending the event, we’ve compiled some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes: The ocean floor is full of fossils, sea glass and semi-precious stones. While this may be a beautiful sight to see, you may want to protect your feet.
  2. Get there early: There is so much to see and do at Fundy National Park. Make sure to take full advantage of it. Parks Canada offers an extensive list of activities in the area.
  3. Practice using your “inside voice”: At most summer concerts, you may be used to having to shout or use expressive hand gestures to communicate with your concert companions. At the Quietest. Concert. Ever. there’s no need to yell – simply take off your headphones and speak to the person next to you.
  4. Selfie with headphones : Practice framing your shots! Remember, you’ll be wearing some sweet Sennheiser headphones so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t cut them out of the photo. I like to pretend that I’m Mickey Mouse taking a selfie.

Make sure to take photos include #QuietestConcert when you’re sharing your photos!

Sarah Lue, Social Media Advisor, Corporate Communications

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