How to Prepare for The Quietest. Concert. Ever.

serena-ryderWhat better way to end the summer than by rocking out to the sounds of Serena Ryder on the ocean floor at Fundy National Park? The Government of Canada has teamed up with, Serena Ryder and Sennheiser for the Quietest. Concert. Ever.

This is not your typical concert! It’s actually called the Quietest. Concert. Ever. because the concert is transmitted directly to each fan through Sennheiser’s wireless headphone technology.

For those planning on attending the event, we’ve compiled some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes: The ocean floor is full of fossils, sea glass and semi-precious stones. While this may be a beautiful sight to see, you may want to protect your feet.
  2. Get there early: There is so much to see and do at Fundy National Park. Make sure to take full advantage of it. Parks Canada offers an extensive list of activities in the area.
  3. Practice using your “inside voice”: At most summer concerts, you may be used to having to shout or use expressive hand gestures to communicate with your concert companions. At the Quietest. Concert. Ever. there’s no need to yell – simply take off your headphones and speak to the person next to you.
  4. Selfie with headphones : Practice framing your shots! Remember, you’ll be wearing some sweet Sennheiser headphones so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t cut them out of the photo. I like to pretend that I’m Mickey Mouse taking a selfie.

Make sure to take photos include #QuietestConcert when you’re sharing your photos!

Sarah Lue, Social Media Advisor, Corporate Communications

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Vote to help Radio-Canada’s Idea Accelerator be included in the SXSW panel lineup

The Radio-Canada Lab (RCLab) team, particularly Xavier K. Richard, is proposing a panel discussion for this year’s South by Southwest festival (SXSW) along with NPR (U.S.), France Télévisions (France) and ZDF (Germany) to discuss Radio-Canada Lab projects, in particular the Radio-Canada Idea Accelerator.

They need your votes for their panel to be accepted by the Festival.

As you know, South by Southwest (SXSW) is a music, film and technology festival held every March in Austin, Texas. SXSW Interactive has become a touchstone for the online world – to give you an idea, that’s where Twitter was launched!

The Radio-Canada Lab gang explain their project: “By focusing on innovation models and processes in public media, we hope that our proposal will stand out from among the 4,000 talks in the running this year, all of which will be trying to win over the programming committee of the interactive festival, one of the most prestigious in the world.”

Vote here for the Innovation in Public Media: Europe to America proposal.  You need to create a profile to vote and it only takes a few minutes.

-Josée Plourde, Writer/Editor, French Services


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How Avid MediaCentral Platform helps us work collectively

feat-content-services-bigHave you ever wondered how we gather footage and share it with our services across the country? In the past, it involved a complicated process of shipping a hard drive from one location to the next to share footage. Users also had to have special connectivity and individualized software installed on their desktops to access content from that specific location. Well not anymore. Now all they need to do is sign-in to MediaCentral, access the centralized management system and work on our content and footage from any location.

Avid MediaCentral is a software tool that allows CBC/Radio-Canada to deliver content smarter, faster and easier because it offers a centralized process for accessing our media content. Individuals can access, share and interact with the media stored within its platform, which is optimum for content sharing and delivery, especially during big events like the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, and for all our productions.

“Finding efficiencies for large projects like the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games greatly helps our teams. MediaCentral offers the ability to share from one team to another, which is critical as we try and find ways to leverage our content in both languages,” Paul McDougall, Executive Producer, 2015 Pan Am /Parapan Am Games, CBC Sports.  

Throughout the Games, teams from French and English Services worked extensively in collaboration to share content with one another. MediaCentral permitted the teams across the Corporation to work together that much more efficiently by streamlining the workflow. For example, teams have the ability to collaborate on input without having to be at the same location. As well, editors, producers and assistants are able to all contribute to the creative process by working on the media content. Furthermore, because MediaCentral is accessed via Chrome individuals can use any kind of computer device, including a desktop PC, MAC, laptop, iPad/tablet or mobile device to manipulate content from any location at any time.

Computers really do help people help people, but MediaCentral helps people collectively work together.

– Carolyn Bissett, Writer, Corporate Communications

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